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best grips?


Toyota Tech
Jul 25, 2005
I was looking to re-grip my irons and was wondering what works good and what doesnt. I am looking a Winn and golf pride, also is there any kind of cleaning or other maintanance that needs to be done to the grips.


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
I think there might be some other threads on this, but i'll give my spiel anyways.

I change my grips at least once a year, if not twice. Good grips are worth their weight in gold. I do, however, play alot, and therefore they wear fast for me.

I use Golf Pride Tour Velvet. They're cheap and last a relatively long time compared to some of the others out there. If you live in a humid environment, consider a soft cord model as the extra grip is worth it. A word of caution tho, cord grips can eat gloves quick.

I had a set of win grips on my clubs last summer for about 3 weeks until they started to wear what I thought was way prematurely. I don't have a particularily strong grip, they just seemed to show use fairly quickly, and I tossed them in favour for the Golf Pride's. I've never looked back.

Once you find something you like, buy enough to re-grip your clubs a couple of times. Grips change alot, and it's my experience that once you've found something you like, that's when they end that line and start up something new. And learn how to change your own grips. It's easy and cheap. Don't think you'll be intimidated by this, you did just about everything that's needed in grade 2 art class, except maybe the cutting of the old grips off your clubs.

Hope this helps,



Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
Any of these will be great

A - Golf Pride Tour Velvet
B - Lamkin Crossline
C - Any corded grip

I like a rougher grip, no wrap grips for me.


Rules Nerd
Supporting Member
Mar 9, 2005
Player's Softie is the only grip I play and can recommend.

They don't slip in wet weather like the WINN's, they don't wear down like them either.

They are sticky in the rain, and soft all the time.

The BEST grip I have ever used. About $3 per grip, so they are a bit expensive, but it's a once every 200-300 round investment.


Well-Known Member
Apr 24, 2005
I used to like taki macks but have switched to tour velvets. I think the taki's last longer but I prefer thetour velvets..
Grips are very easy to put on or change, first time I did it it took 20 min for the first one and 20 min for the rest of the set...

I enjoy it have fun its a cheap way to keep your clube new to you!!


Feb 20, 2005
i like the golf pride softies i had them on my old clubs and there pretty good grips and probably a little cheaper than winn grips.


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
Try 2-3 different grips on different irons at the same time to see which feels best to you. then you can regrip the rest of the set.


Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
I did my first regrip tonight and must say it was pretty easy.

I like living dangerously as the first job was a Scotty Cameron Baby T, worth about 25 bucks. I would have been pissed if I didn't line it up right and wasted the grip.

Anyways, if a person (as my wife says) without a handy bone in his body can do this, anyone can. I'd recommed trying irons before putters though.... it's pretty hard to mess up an iron grip unless you like the label facing a certain way. Putters are a little trickier since the flat side of the grip needs to be square.

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