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R7 Aldila vs MAS


Well-Known Member
Aug 15, 2005
I'm looking to buy an R7 and was wondering what people thought of the shafts. The standard MAS shaft vs the Aldlia NV 65. My buddy plays with the Aldila and is trying to convince me to get it. Is there that much of a difference between the standard MAS shaft and the Aldlia? What are the advantages?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

For reference, I'm a high handicapper and I have no trouble hitting the ball on a high trajectory.


Well-Known Member
Aug 3, 2005
depending on your swing speed, it is likely that you will hit a lower ball with the NV65 (assuming S). That was my experience.


Well-Known Member
Jun 12, 2005
Knowing from experience, in the R7 i definately got lower ball flight with the NV, actually too low for my liking. I got an NVS put in andlike it alot. The stock MAS shaft is a nice shaft though, when it comes to stock shafts, and I dont think you will have any issues with it.......


Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
Hit it b4 if possible

I'd hit both beforehand if possible. I have the stock MAS shaft in my 580XD and I have hit MANY drivers with the NV (my 3W also has the NV) and I don't hit the NV any lower than the stock shaft that I have in my driver.

Different swings will produce different results. I hit everything really high.

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