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Use a hybrid or just hit your 3 iron


Well-Known Member
Jun 11, 2005
I bought a adams 3 hybrid to try out. I took it out on the course and all my buddies jumped all over me you can imagine I am sure. So are they right should I just hit my 3 iron and 2 or join they hybrid craze?


Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2005
Ego in golf is just stupid,sorry to be blunt but if you are influenced by your friends and what people think of you then as a golfer you are the equivalent of an idiot.Thats not my opnion,I'm quoting Bob Rotella,although he may have used the word moron instead when referring to players who don't work on their putting,but its the same principle.

A hybrd can be used around the greens,from the rough,from bunkers and a combination of lie, its avery worthwhile club that has been significant in winning the British and US opens in the last few years,many pros now carry one.

Anyway,I can't imagine anything of the sort,as you suggest,luckily I don't play with morons.


Well-Known Member
Oct 6, 2005
lol @ Dave Dot. Get ripped into him there, son ! :D

I find Hybrids can fly the ball without enough penetration at times, so I prefer to have the 3-iron in my bag.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
I strongly agree with dave...I would get the hybrid and not look back. It is an extremely versatile club as he described.

I bought one a year ago thinking I would simply replace my 3 iron and be done with it. Then, as time passed I discovered all of the other uses for the club.

I told a playing partner that if I were forced to play a round with only 5 clubs in my bag, the hybrid would be one of the five...

Oh yeah - a good way to shut up your friends is to get the club and hit a ton of great shots with it.

They'll get the message.


Shark skin shoes
Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Having flopped from both sides and back, I say play whatever helps you get the ball close to the pin.

I played my 3 iron for years, went to a hybrid, loved it, and then started hitting my 3 iron well, so I ditched it. Negatives? None. The hybrid does what it's supposed to - gets the ball high and far with minimal effort.

If you had a choice of walking to the store on a bum knee or driving, what would you choose? The car, ovbiously. So why fight it? If you smoke that hybrid, then hit it. If you're concerned about what your buddies think, you've taken up the wrong sport. Golf is an individual game.

Good luck with the hybrid, let us know how it goes!



Well-Known Member
Feb 13, 2005
My friends don't make fun of any of my clubs. In fact they usually follow suit and buy what I buy....


Hack Numero Uno
Sep 2, 2005
This is why I like playing Golf alone sometimes. I work on my game and dont have to be concious about what someone else is worried about or listen to blabber from a big mouth heh.

Whichever you hit more consistantly straight, play it! I have yet to even hit a hybrid because Ive always like having a 2 and 3 iron for playing out of trees and such. I really do need to at least replace the 2-iron with a good hybrid.


Well-Known Member
Nov 9, 2005
Hi-brid all the way much easyer to hit and much comftable other address Great clubs if you was to buy one, buy a TM rescue 19 degrees (3 iron)



Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
Or you can be like me and ditch a 5W for a 19 degree 2i hybrid. Then you don't like as much of a ***** LOL....


Well-Known Member
May 2, 2005
Im going to keep my 2 and 3 iron, thank you. I keep hearing that hybrids inspire confidence but I just dont like the look of them. I think it is a mind job. Everyone hears that long irons are hard to hit so it creeps itno everyones head. If you can hit a 6,7,8 iron why would any other club be harder. Just my $.02


Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2005
Why would a 3 iron be harder to hit than a seven iron?

length of shaft
reduced loft

Tiger Who?

Well-Known Member
Oct 30, 2005
I'm on the hybrid boat completely. I only go down to a 4 iron because my hybrid is soooo god damn accurate. I used my hybrid off the tee in my latest match and beat my friend with it. I was hitting fairways and greens. I even hit it well out of the fairway bunkers. If you hit the 3 iron better, then why would you be trying out a hybrid? Just go with hybrid, it'll help your game dramatically.


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
Hybrids are the fastest growing segment of the golf equipment industry. This is because the clubs are demonstrably easier to hit than a long iron and they are so versatile...it is no myth.

On the other hand, it is easy to understand that good players with low handicaps can perform very confidentally with 3 or 4 irons....

Overall - unless you are a low to mid single digit handicapper, hybrids are an excellent club to consider..

White Tees

Well-Known Member
Oct 28, 2005
I bought a TM Rescue Mid 19* because I was not hitting my 3 iron well. I hit the Rescue very well from the get go, but continued to work on my 3 iron. Now I hit the 3 iron very well and actually am more acurate and longer with it. When you finally get over that nonsense that "Nobody hits the 3 iron well", you look back and realize, (As others here have said), hitting a 3 iron is just like hitting a 4,5,6 iron! All that being said, the Hybrids are good clubs, so if you hit yours well, leave it in the bag and don't pay any attention to your buddies who are 25 yards behind you!:usflag:

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