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Great free Golf MMO game! Lotta fun



Hi, new here, just wanted to drop in and tell you all about:


If you like golf (and I know you do!), then do yourself a favor and check out this free beta. Easy sign up, download, then play. No credit cards or gimmicks.

It's quite the challenge, and a lot of fun. There's some cool people out there also, to help with questions or grouping (which gives MORE exp and money to buy your new clubs or clothes or whatever). The game is more realistic than some of the others I've played, on pc or xbox, but that's what makes it interesting and addictive! When you achieve something in this game, you really feel like you've earned it.

They need more people to play, and aren't very good at advertising, so I figured I'd pop in and let everyone know what a cool game this really is. Some neat tournies/leagues going on at a fan site nicknamed SOPC, which is listed at the game's site.

The game, itself, is easy to get into, and tough to master. Just the way my brain likes it ; )

Give is a shot and have fun =P


p.s. I don't get anything out of this except hopefully more folks to group with, for you scam-wary types lol.



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co-worker? Oh, you sly lil fella, you.

Sorry, didn't see that post, but I doubt they work at the law firm I'm at. Thanks for your useful reply, though.

If you have reading troubles, I'll reiterate: I don't get anything out of this except more people to round with. If you are not interested in a free, fun game, then why reply?

And who knows, maybe you don't like it because you suck at it? Let others decide for themselves.

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Oct 24, 2004
Kipshoots said:
And who knows, maybe you don't like it because you suck at it? Let others decide for themselves.

This is why I can't break par make it easier and I'm interested, welcome aboard.


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Aug 26, 2004
Hey Kip....got anything else for us?

Something to do with real golf perhaps?

It may be an unfortunate coincidence but right now Shot online appears to be spamming my board for players.

You guy's are the proverbial bull in a china shop, no finesse, no site prep, just an ad.

Here's a tip, anytime a new member's first post is about a product or service, the red flags go off. The successful spammer will ingratiate him / herself into a community first, then when he/she drops the spam bomb it makes the product that much more palatable to it's members.

I have tried the game and I don't like it.


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yeah, one more thing for you.

No good deed goes unpunished.

This was something thought up at a fan site to get the word out. Finesse? Ad prep? Is that what gets your attention? I'm just a guy that plays a fun game for now. I think you put a little too much into your so-called position.

Oh wait, one last thing for you, inspector.

If it doesn't cost anything to play, what's there to gain?

It's ok, if this is the reception you get at 'your board' for talking about something free or fun, the games better off without you, and you're better off without me. And I'd never 'ingratiate' myself to you for spamming purposes. But I'm sure if that's what you like, others will help you out.

I withdraw.

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