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took the plunge


Supporting Member
Sep 23, 2004
Alright gang, I took the plunge and plunked down the cash for some new irons.

After hitting a ton of clubs I finally decided on the Adams Hybrid set and an Odyssey White Hot #7. I plan on spending this next week getting used to the clubs before I play my first round with them next weekend.

I had a great buying experience and having a teaching pro as a salesman was just awesome. The guy literally gave me a 45min lesson yesterday while I was hitting the clubs one last time. Surprisingly he only made a couple minor changes and my power improved dramatically. Anyway, I'll let y'all know how things progress.


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Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Sounds good. I've only hit a couple adams clubs in my time.

Let us know how it goes.



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Aug 30, 2004
GREAT...keep us posted as your progress with your new irons.

Did a quick 18 yesterday, after painting Saturday and y a few hours Sunday to finish the room, just needed to get to the course and relax, hit a 105, my third trip to a course and not just hitting at a range.

Looks like we have a new course opening this spring (city course, our 3rd) also a private 18 hole residential type course permitted to be constructed right behind my office building on 300 acres....wife says now is'nt that close.


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Sep 23, 2004
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well, all of my fairway woods (3,5,7) are adams so i'm familiar with the brand. for some reason they seem to feel right to me. back in may i went shopping for a new driver and ended up with the adams gt driver and have never hit more fairways since then.

when i started shopping for irons i really wanted to try everything that the $500+/- price point had to offer. i tried everything and the the finalist were the taylormade rac os irons, the cleveland ta6's, and the adams ideas. in my opinion nothing in that range (or the next one up) look anywhere near as nice as the cleveland ta6's. in my hands and with my swing it was a toss up between the clevelands and the adams. the tie breaker was the hybrid 3 & 4 irons. i just couldn't believe how well i hit them. when i later realized that the adams came with a free bag AND where on sale for another $50 off, well, the decision was quite easy.

oh yeah, the odyssey putter is just incredible. what a difference a quality putter makes. i went out yesterday to the range and putting green to break the clubs in. i can't remember ever putting so well. hopefully this mental state holds because i'm taking the new bag o' clubs out for a test spin this sunday!


Style guru
Sep 10, 2004
New sticks

Just hold that feeling, Chemboy, when the bloom has faded a bit on the rose. It's funny how much the positive feeling of a good-looking new piece of equipment can infuse our game and improve our results, but what lasts is how well the equipment really fits our swing. The Adams stuff is top-notch, and you're dead right about the hybrid 3 and 4. If you change clubs somewhere down the road, be sure to hang onto those, cause they're MONEY (in the bank). I know that over a period of a year or so, I took 5 strokes off my handicap based mostly on my new-found ability to hit "long irons" (hybrids) consistently on or close to the green from 175-200 yards out. Some days I putt so lousy that nothing can save my score, but it's still fun to hit a soaring, straight pinseeker from 190 out, even if I do bogey the hole.


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